Little Laboo Story

'Laboo' means pumpkin in Malay. Actually spelled 'labu'. Little Laboo is what I called my son when he was small. Those little chubby cheeks are rounded like a laboo   😜.

As cute as a laboo that he is, I couldn't give him all the attention that he needed in his first few months of life because I was working. The thing is, I dragged him along while working and feed him iPad to keep him company. While driving, he's on the iPad. While talking to clients, he's on the iPad, While eating, he's on the iPad. While I bathe, cook, and everything.

Soon after that, I started to notice some weird behavior that I don't see in other children. The inconsolable crying, the tantrums, the screen addiction, and others. After some readings and consultation, I had to admit..that sterilizing my boy with a gadget all this while is my greatest sin😭.

I quit what I was doing. There's no amount of money in the world that is worth more than my son's wellbeing. I was a full-time stay-at-home mom now. Nothing on the side. No gigs. Wasn't selling anything from home for a long time. At night I googled activities to do with my little laboo. Screen-free activities.

I started DIY-ing lots of felt dolls and fabric activity books for him. His attention span increased with all these no-screen activities. He is way calmer. What's more is he became very creative at a very young age. I may sew something that looks like a monkey but then he will improvise them with his own ideas. Before long, he started creating his own characters and instruct me to sew along with the characters' basic needs😅 clothes, bags, party hats, blankets, and so on.

I posted on my Instagram @over_parenting about the things that we created and got lots of requests for orders. I'm happy that other kids will get the benefit from the book that I sew. I made for some friends but the time to make it take me away from my son too. I tried outsourcing the sewing part but 4 factories turned me down. After our fabric book went viral on Facebook when I was heavily pregnant with my second one in 2015, I had to turn down lots of orders including orders from abroad. I made some people angry by turning down offers too.

I felt terrible because I know all mothers struggle at home. Be it working mom of full-time mom and yes gadget is the easiest way out. The tool to break fights, the tool to make them finish their food, the tool to keep them safe (no monkey business) while mommy bathe. I have moved on from blaming myself and you should too.❤️*Hugs*❤️

Good news I can now make up for everything! These years that I have been quiet, I finally got the right people to work with. People who are passionate about creating😏🥰 and we made Kampung Little Laboo! A big fabric dollhouse to keep your child company. You'll be surprised!