Kampung Little Laboo

A sensory
like no other.

Each dollhouse is crafted for 10 hours,
from 10 different materials and comes with
70 moveable parts. Specifically engineered
to keep your children company for hours of
concentration and imagination,
to combat screen addiction.

"My daughter played
for 5 hours today!"
- Nur Atiqah

I want this for my kid!

10 Hours +

of intricate work for each dollhouse

10 Different Materials

for sensory purposes

70 Movable toys

for hours of fun and imaginations

Say Goodbye to Mind-numbing Gadgets

100+ reasons why Kampung Little Laboo will keep your kids occupied for hours of
fun and imagination

Big-sized Dollhouse
8 Pages to explore
10 Different materials 
70 Movable toys 
6 Magnetic outfits
2 Noise making flap doors
11 Flaps (cabinet and teepee doors)
5 Velcro curtains
3 Velcro fruits
1 Tiny buckle

Did You Know?

Experts found that excessive screen time leads to:

Poor memory & problem-solving skill

Poor emotional regulation
(agitation and tantrums)

Speech delay

The Solution

 The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) promotes:

Non-screen time to be creative

 “True toys” such as blocks and dolls, with which children use their imagination fully

All-in one solution with
Kampung Little Laboo

Replace Your Kids' Gadgets With
Kampung Little Laboo

Improve Social Interactions

Better Emotional Regulation

Build imagination and creativity

Improve language and build
new vocabulary

Improve Social Interactions

Better Emotional Regulation

Build imagination and creativity

Improve language
 and build
new vocabulary

Parents Love Kampung Little Laboo

Why Kampung Little Laboo?

BIG SIZE - 8 Pages of fun and exploration

Front of the house, living room, kids bedroom, parents bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen and backyard.

This big-sized dollhouse with multiple characters allow them to play with their siblings and friends.

Mix material for sensory development

Kids will engage in sensory experiences, like running fingers on the velcro textures or the mesh net, helping calm a child who is feeling over-stimulated or anxious. 

70 Moveable parts

Definitely going to provide hours of fun and stretch their creativity and imagination to the fullest.

Our Journey

At Little Laboo we are a team of mothers and grandmothers. We have first-hand experience with the negative effects of screen time on our children and grandchildren, from the poor attention span to the endless temper tantrums.

In 2015, I started sewing fabric book with my mother to help with my son's screen-addiction. We started to get a lot of orders after I posted on facebook. However we didn't have enough man-power to produce the  books and four factories turned me down. I felt terrible not being able to fulfil all the orders we received as I do understand mothers' struggle at home. Be it working mom or full-time mom and yes gadgets are the easiest way out.